New Lund University – Chinese Pages

I’m involved in a project to prepare new pages for Lund University describing our work with Chinese universities. The main aim is to help improve both the mobility of students and researchers between Lund and China.

One of the first things we did was, using an existing mailing list which had both Chinese and Swedish addresses, email out a questionnaire (using Questback) asking 5 questions.

You can see all the answers from the Questback survey here.

The questions were:

- Where are you living?

- What are you? (e.g. student, researcher etc)

- Which institution do you work or study at?

- What do you think the most important information, for you, that a Lund University – China website would have?

- Is it important to have a Chinese version of the website?

In retrospect I should have had the 4th question worded as ‘what tasks do you think you would try to do on a Lund University – China website’. However, we’ve still got some interesting results (103 people responded). Almost of the respondents gave more than one answer regarding the content they would want. It’s not particularly scientific, but I’ve roughly classified them.

Study information is clearly of great interest to many of the respondees.

Some other content was identified; clear information on which universities, and projects, we currently collaborate with, research at Lund and how you apply. There’s a mixture of generic answers and issues important for the target group.

When the site is up, we’ll email the respondees again and ask them to take a look at the site and give us feedback.

You can see all the answers from the Questback survey here.