Meeting the Students

It was arrival day for the International Masters students in Lund today, and my visit to the registration room found me quickly hijacked by the organisers into processing students. Which was very cool, and fits in rather nicely with Gerry McGovern’s latest article ‘Too close to your website, too far from your customers’. Why was it useful? Because to meet students gives me some insight on the person really using our website. If nothing else, it gives a face to the visitor statistics. Why bother creating a persona when you can just go out and meet the real thing?

”The portal is an entry to the graveyard” – Careword Webinars from Gerry McGovern

Two great webinars from Gerry McGovern are available for download from his Customer Carewords site. One deals with Government websites, the other with intranets.

If, like me, you’re switching your brain back on after the summer break these are just the thing to provide inspiration.

Gerry’s main point is that it’s all about managing the tasks people are trying to do on your website. What is your website for? What are the people trying to do who come to it? Can they actually do the things they want to do? Because, if they can’t, they’re probably not coming back.

They are each about 40 minutes long and cover carewords, organization vs. customer centric thinking and the way to measure the success of content; all good stuff.