Google Makes You Stupid. Part II

A while ago I blogged about Nicholas Carr’s article ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid?’, I noticed that there was a piece in the Guardian (by Charles Arthur) which explores this a bit more and gives another angle on the themes I commented on in my entry ‘Professors Don’t Read’. The main point is:

- It’s very hard to read lots of text on a computer screen

The Web Will Change How Your Brain Works

Scary article from Nicholas Carr ‘Is Google Making Us Stupid?’. It’s also a great, thought provoking article. It even starts with a quote from 2001, which can’t be bad…

The gist of the article is that:

- By using the web, we condition and change the way our brain functions

- Because of this, we have lost the ability to absorb long text or print

- Similar changes have occurred in the past, for example with the advent of the clock or the printing press