It’s all about quality

Location does not matter. Cost does not matter. It’s reputation and teaching quality that matters most to international students. This is the results of a survey from i-graduate, which was reported in the Guardian.

The students have an expectation they will find this information – if they cannot, they will naturally turn to those websites where they can.

Chris Anderson in an article called ‘Free‘, in Wired Magazine, described how money is not the only scarcity in the world. Time and respect are also in short supply. People place an increasing value on these things, to steal someones time with a confusing website or hard to find information is like stealing their money; it’s something they will never get back. We need to give the students the information that the i-graduate survey shows that students want. By doing this, we don’t  waste their time, or lose their respect.

What can we practically do, right now? How about including some key examples, in our education database, of where our students found work – giving those courses and programmes a realism, and increased value, for the decision making process.