New Coast Digital Guide – ‘Time for a tune up’

A guide on usability has been produced by Coast Digital. It’s a good compilation of usability best practice and testing methods. The usability essentials section includes the following:

Do’s – Usability Essentials

  • Is your website easy to understand?
  • Is your core process stream lined?
  • Is the language used understood by users, or is there too much jargon?

Don’t’s  – Barriers to Usability

  • Poor navigation
  • Not including an explicit homepage link – many users are unfamiliar with clicking the logo
  • Not writing for the web

Download the entire 24 page guide from Coastal Digital.

There’s loads of good information in a clear no-nonsense presentation. The comment on the lack of an explicit homepage link is timely, as in the usability studies I’ve done over the last few months, I don’t think I’ve seen one student click on our logo (see left – red circle).



One thought on “New Coast Digital Guide – ‘Time for a tune up’

  1. Hi John – Glad you found the report useful – we have given it a slight refresh and you can download it at

    Also, we have now increased the number of guides – I think readers of this blog would find value in the social media guide and the conversion rate optimisation guide….

    Apologies for the profusion of links!

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