Students blogging about

I found two blogs from students which focus on and their experiences with it: and

Andrei Neculau’s blog is the most recently updated and includes a petition for improving There are also comments from other students, on both these blogs, which give a useful insight into their experiences with our most important online tool for recruiting new students.

Andrei Necelau has also started a facebookgroup – I’ve said previously that we need to support the students when they use, this is an excellent example of the students helping themselves, by sharing information, when they do not get it from the authorities.


9 thoughts on “Students blogging about

  1. Hi Andrei,
    Thanks for the correction – I’ve changed the link.

    Well, it’s in my job description to make the website as effective as possible but I am also personally interested in usability – I am particularly keen to work with facts, rather than opinions.

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