Stockholm University Launches New International Website

Check out Stockholm University’s new english website: Beta Site, Stockholm University. It was launched on the 30th.


5 thoughts on “Stockholm University Launches New International Website

  1. Thanks for the plug John. It’s been a lot of work to get the beta site online, both from the content point of view, and with regard to the technical platform. We’re using Polopoly 9.9x, which has placed a lot of demands on the technical team. We plan to have a 0.2 version of the site ready before the July holidays begin, with more content, and more features.

  2. [long pause….summer holidays….] Interesting that you should mention Polopoly… I have mixed feelings, would have to be the inevitable response. I often find myself comparing Polopoly with equivalent open source projects like e.g. Joomla (or other free software like Expression Engine). A common gribe about open source projects is that there is no proper support, and that projects die when developers lose interest. This may be true – on the other hand I have begun to realise that commercial projects, if implemented on any kind of scale, require an enormous amount of resources: developers, project leaders, consultants, reference groups and so on. The jury is out as to whether one really gets better results for one’s money with commercial software, like for example Polopoly…

  3. We’re in a strange, and frustrating, situation that the CMS we are using is a product developed by a local company – we’re almost certainly their biggest customer and, quite frankly, they are struggling to give us adequate support. It is definitely not helping us give the best service to the students and staff. I suspect an open source solution, with the right people championing it, would be more successful. We are certainly not getting value for money right now!

    One of the challenging aspects of working with Lund University is the range of CMSs which are being utilised – many faculties and departments have their own solution – do you have the same situation? If so, are you implementing Polopoly throughout the university?

    I hope your holiday was good!

  4. Holiday was great thanks! The University offers a web publishing package that uses Polopoly 8 (and Polopoly 9 in future, as in the case of the new website) to all departments (etc.) and though there are a very large number of department and sub-departments that use it, it is not obligatory. Some departments use other systems, even when they look like the sites we have in Polopoly. I can’t think of a published example right now nor do I recall what systems are out there. I have used a number of systems, and overall I can’t say one was better than another – there are always pros and cons. People speak well of Episerver, though I have an idea the editing interface requires the use of Internet Explorer. It is also possible install WordPress on one’s own servers too. I expect you have been to

    Overall I would either go for open source or a software giant, for a large scale CMS. I have limited experience with small companies, but what I have had was not good.

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