Latest Website Survey Results – Finding Study Information Number One Usability Problem

The latest results from the online survey we been running on our website are in, and – no surprise – the biggest complaint our users have is with study information.

The most important task is looking for courses, and it’s also the most common source of usability problems.

The survey has been running for 4 months, and was accessed via a static link on our top 5 entry pages. It asked three simple questions:

– What were you looking for today?

– Could you find what you were looking for?

– If not, why not?

We got 577 answers (which is less than 1% of our website traffic) but we have captured a valuable insight into our users’ experiences of the website – the ‘voice of the customer’, as Avinask Kaushik calls it. I would not suggest planning an entire overhaul of the website on the basis of these data alone but, in combination with the recent usability studies and other, secondary research, it continues to support the case that finding study information is the number one task on our website.

Here’s the survey results in their full, unfiltered form.


‘No’ and ‘Not Sure’ answers – Study and Apply Information biggest source of frustration:

Graph showing catagories of free text answers as a % of the total ‘No’ and ‘Not sure’ answers:

Graph showing usability and content problems

The single biggest issue is the lack of study information – and this totally reflects the varying quality of our education database’s content. The design of the site, and its navigation, occupy joint second place with application content as being barriers to usability. The good news is that the content of the database is fixable, and requires no technical input to do so. Similarly, the application content can be improved without any major expense. The navigation issue is a deeper question and requires more analysis.