Swedish Tuition Fees Press Release From the Swedish Ministry of Education

Here’s the press release, about tuition fees in Sweden for non-Eu students, from the Swedish Ministry of Education – it was released on the 23rd June.


7 thoughts on “Swedish Tuition Fees Press Release From the Swedish Ministry of Education

  1. Yeah but also think about the standard of living ? part time job oppertunities from other countires ? and also jod oppertunities after the compleation? i perfer studing free rather than paying and studing where the standatd of living is very high with less\no job oppertunities?
    so i request the government not the spoil the repuataion of your country in charging a fess for international studutations..

  2. Sweden is a nice country anyway.The standard of living very high, no or less job opportunities for students, rents very high!.No scholarships for undergraduate.The only advantage foriegn students have in Sweden is free education!.Now if fees are charged, many foreign students will prefer USA,Canada,UK… where fees are high but there are job opportunities for students to enable them pay their fees and a good scholarship scheme.
    So if the government of Sweden wants sweden to remain among the best in the world in Higher Education, it should cancel the fees or engaged in a moderate fee scheme say $400 per semester just like in Germany and depending on the field of study.But the maximum should be $ 500 per semester.And a Good scholarship scheme establshed on merit ( academic records) during the school year.
    Also if fees are to be paid, let students who are to begin this autuum 2009, be exempted till the end of their programme course.For instance: if you apply and are admitted for undergraduate next autuum; that is before the fees are apply in 2010, you are exempted till you finish your Degree( Bachelore) or if admitted for Master, you complete without being charged.Then after if you want to proceed for a Master after the Bachelors, you start paying fee or if you want to proceed for the PHD after the Master, you star paying fees.
    All in all, I think the introduction fees will make Sweden to loose it credibility and scare many foreigners to different countries of opportunities.It is needless to immitate others when you know that your policy gives you honors.Maintain your policy you will be credible world wide.

    • Hi Rans,
      Many thanks for your comment; I’ll come back to some of your other points but there’s been no suggestion that students who have started studying before fees are introduced will start paying them when they are. If you apply for ‘free’ education, that’s what you’ll get. I would imagine that applying for subsequent studies would mean having to pay fees. Note that PhD studies are outside of this, you won’t pay tuition fees to do a PhD.

    • Hi Rans,
      You also raise a good issue about scholarships – what will the criteria be? Will they be available for postgraduate, and undergraduate, studies for example? Hopefully we will know later this year, when the vote takes place.

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