Tuition Fees: English Summary of the Swedish Government’s Investigation

If you take a look at the english summary on pages 13-16 of the Swedish Government’s 2006 investigation into fees you can get an overview of their possible thinking with regard to tuition fees. Remember that this report was prepared by the last government so it may not reflect the the thinking of the current one.

The key points are (and remember these are only suggestions, not law – we’ll have to wait until the Autumn to see what will definitely happen)

– Fees will be for under and post graduate education, but not for PhD students

– Fees will be fixed by each university, at a ‘limited’ number of levels

– Students who will be exempt from paying will include: citizens from EEA countries, people with Swedish residence permits, students in an exchange programme and citizens of countries that have entered into free movement agreements with the EU (e.g. Switzerland)

– The right should exist for universities to charge application fees

– Work permit rules should be amended so that it is easier to remain in Sweden, to work, after graduation

– Scholarship funding should be increased

The Government press release from last week.


7 thoughts on “Tuition Fees: English Summary of the Swedish Government’s Investigation

  1. It’s a shame that the entire document has not been translated as there’s a lot of stuff which would be of interest to the non Swedish speaking world – I’ll see about getting the more interesting sections translated.

    As I said, this is not how necessarily how the eventual law will be, but it’s a good indication.

  2. I agree with you. I wanted to have parts of it translated over the next month or so, but right now I’m just too busy.

    And while being hasty, I missed out on the English summary as well.

    It’s goot to know though that the investigation was done by the former president of the Swedish Institute. Gives a different shade to the document in comparison to a governmental documents.

  3. Yeah well, I’d started translating the Swedish version before I noticed that there was an english summary. sigh.

    It seems to make the right noises – for example, that it should be easier to stay and work in Sweden after graduation is encouraging.

  4. It is encouraging, but nevertheless the unemployment rate will not get higher, and the jobs out there are definitely going to shift rapidly along with the climate and economic changes.

    Some “interesting” times awaits for me after finishing the master degree, but until then I hope to have a clearer mind :)

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