Earlier Application Date Could Attract Students to Lund University

An earlier application date could attract international students to Lund University, according to an article published today in Sydsvenskan(a Swedish broadsheet).

The key points of the article are:

– Tomas Brage, an international coordinator from the Physics¬†department at Lund, believes an earlier application deadline in the Autumn would enable Lund University to compete with other universities which have similar application deadlines; Lund’s deadline is later than most other universities

– Tomas Brage believes it is important to attract international students to Lund because they bring knowledge to the University and remain in Sweden, after their studies, to work

– Per Warfvinge, the vicerektor of the Engineering Faculty at Lund, believes an earlier application date would create difficulties as the course content would have to be decided earlier

– Per Warfvinge does not think that the later application date which Lund currently uses is a problem but does think that the number of applications to Lund, from international students, could change with the introduction of fees but that it is hard to say right now

The original article was published on Monday 14th July, in Swedish, and written by Max Jerneck. The translation is my own and I apologise for any mistakes.

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The next application period, for masters programmes at Lund University will begin in December 2008 and end in February 2009. This is for programmes beginning in the fall 2009. There are currently no indications that students applying for programmes beginning in 2009 will pay fees during the course of their studies. However, the final decision on fees, and their implementation, will not be known until later this year.