Earlier Application Date Could Attract Students to Lund University

An earlier application date could attract international students to Lund University, according to an article published today in Sydsvenskan(a Swedish broadsheet).

The key points of the article are:

– Tomas Brage, an international coordinator from the Physics department at Lund, believes an earlier application deadline in the Autumn would enable Lund University to compete with other universities which have similar application deadlines; Lund’s deadline is later than most other universities

– Tomas Brage believes it is important to attract international students to Lund because they bring knowledge to the University and remain in Sweden, after their studies, to work

– Per Warfvinge, the vicerektor of the Engineering Faculty at Lund, believes an earlier application date would create difficulties as the course content would have to be decided earlier

– Per Warfvinge does not think that the later application date which Lund currently uses is a problem but does think that the number of applications to Lund, from international students, could change with the introduction of fees but that it is hard to say right now

The original article was published on Monday 14th July, in Swedish, and written by Max Jerneck. The translation is my own and I apologise for any mistakes.

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The next application period, for masters programmes at Lund University will begin in December 2008 and end in February 2009. This is for programmes beginning in the fall 2009. There are currently no indications that students applying for programmes beginning in 2009 will pay fees during the course of their studies. However, the final decision on fees, and their implementation, will not be known until later this year.


17 thoughts on “Earlier Application Date Could Attract Students to Lund University

  1. Hi Andrei,
    The original article gave no examples either; merely that an application process which was complete by the autumn could attract students to Lund who otherwise are applying to the US. As you know, the current process starts in the uutumn, so Tomas Brage was suggesting something which would be at least four months earlier than the existing system.

  2. sir,
    i want to take admission in public health. My qualifications is Fsc. pre medical. what is the procedure. plz send me complete catelog. Also inform me about seats empty in university for public health

  3. Hi Saeed,

    Thanks for your interest in Lund University.

    You can find admission information here:

    You can find information about the programme here:

    The next application period begins in December this year (2008), this is for studies beginning in 2009.

    Please contact me again if you need more help.

  4. hi,
    i want to study international marketing and brand management with my BSC in FINANCE is it possible.i also want to know the latest on the issue of fee in sweden.

  5. hi
    i have a strong feeling that fees introduction in swedish universities will discourage a lot of international student coming into sweden.what is the government saying about this?

  6. Hi Bosun,

    The master’s programme you mention will be open for applications in December 2008, for studies beginning in the Autumn 2009. This will still be ‘free’ education.

    If your question is related to eligibility I suggest you talk to the programme coordinator – please let me know if you need help getting their contact details.

    For the latest fee information I suggest you take a look at: https://universityusability.wordpress.com/category/fees/ This is all my articles related in tuition fees – the early ones include a summary of tuition fee information from the government. Late this month, or in December, the government will vote on this – we should have more detail then.

  7. Hi Esther,

    The last official statement from the government was in their press release: http://www.sweden.gov.se/sb/d/10086/a/107867

    They say:

    “There is no desire for the fee reform to result in a reduction in the number of foreign students. In accordance with the inquiry’s proposals, the introduction of fees should be supplemented by a system of grants, which would make it possible for even those students without other financing to study in Sweden.”

  8. hi

    i have master in mechanical engineering and i want to apply for my PHD
    i have all documents such as transcript and toefl, GRE and so on
    in which link i should do my apply?
    i want to be RA because i dont have money for entire my education and only for 1 year. could you give me some information Please?

    best regards
    iman goldasteh

    • Hi Iman Goldasteh,
      PhD applications are made outside of the normal application processes. They are usually advertised on the job pages of the university. For example, you can see the ones available at Lund here, or at Stockholm here. The Study In Sweden site has general information about PhD studies.
      PhD studies are normally fully funded. In Sweden a PhD student is normally a member of staff with teaching responsibilities, as well as conducting research work.

  9. Hi John
    I did contact you before and I am back again. Thanks for the previous response; it was very cleared and helful. Now my question is about the language of study in Sweden. My two brothers request admission for study in Sweden for automn 2009, but they are about to give up bcse they have a very minor basic knowledge of English and nothing at all for the Swedish language. Their study in Gabon have always been in french language with some years of English courses where the passing grade has never been a requirement (So they both have never give enough energy for it but have give enough on what they did need to validate their GED or Upper Secondary Level or High School Diploma or whatever it can be called). As of now, they have been taking some English courses but it will not be enough to pass the Toefl or any proficiency test acceptable by the studera admission. They have actually applied for admission in English and Swedisn program after what they hope to be admitted after completion of Toefl or IELTS in the major the want to follow up with. So, I will like to know if they can still submit their supporting document without a Toefl. What need to be done in their case where french his the primary and only fluent language as of the time of application processing? Thanks.

    • Hi Romeo,
      As far as I’m aware there’s not much flexibility in the system, and studera.nu is pretty clear about the deadline. If the documents aren’t complete, this usually results in the application being rejected. Also, the competition for places is very high – we’ve had 27 000 applications to Lund for example. As always, I’m not the expert on this stuff, I suggest you contact the universities your brothers are interested and see what they say though I suspect that without the english exam in place before the 1st of February there will probably be not much they can do. I’m sorry that I cannot be more help with this. The address for documents is given at the studera.nu site,

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