Students Familiar with Sweden are More Likely to Pay Fees – Swedish Institute Report

A recent report from the Swedish Institute shows that the willingness of international students to pay fees depends on how well they know Sweden. According to the survey, 47% of the students – who had expressed in interest in Sweden –  would still recommend Sweden as a study destination, even if there was a fee. The report was published in July 2008.

The study shows that the more students know about Sweden, the more actively they will seek out knowledge and the more disposed they are to paying a fee.

A couple of thoughts – firstly, the more barriers we place in that attempt to seek out knowledge the more likely they are not to choose Sweden – our website must help them quickly and efficiently. Also, if knowledge about Sweden contributes to students being more positive to studying here then existing exchange students, who have studied as undergraduates in Sweden, may well be positive to studying in Sweden again. It would be interesting to find out the current conversion of undergraduate exchange students to master students.

This is the report in Swedish.


One thought on “Students Familiar with Sweden are More Likely to Pay Fees – Swedish Institute Report

  1. No no asian\african would say yes to this.!!
    think about the standard of living ? part time job oppertunities from other countires ? and also jod oppertunities after the compleation? i perfer studing free rather than paying and studing where the standatd of living is very high with less\no job oppertunities?
    so i request the government not the spoil the repuataion of your country in charging a fess for international studutations..

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