Meeting the Students, Part II.

I was fortunate enough to have a meeting with a student who has just recently come to the university, but who also works at an International Office in an Australian University. As usual, there was loads of good stuff to talk about but here’s one top tip, which I think just shows the value of talking to the customer rather than trying to think like them.

– On the website, make the course timetables easy to find so students can plan where to live, based on when their lectures start.

This is such a blindingly obvious good idea and particularly appropriate in a city like Lund, where there are enormous issues with housing. If you know your lectures don’t start until 1000, then maybe the 30 minute commute from Helsingborg might not be so bad.


2 thoughts on “Meeting the Students, Part II.

  1. Hi Andrei, good to hear from you – thanks for the comment, although I don’t know about ‘unique’! I honestly believe that meeting the students – my customers – is the easiest way of developing our website so it offers a better service. The real challenge is turning that experience into positive, actual, change on the website. Look me me up if you’re ever in Lund – I’m always up for a few beers!

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