Less time to make applications at Studera.nu

Updated 12th December 2008 – since I wrote this, studera.nu was partially relaunched, I’ve changed the links below so they work. 

Studera.nu reports that the next application period, for international students will end in January 2009. This is the application period aimed at International students wishing to study in the fall 2009. Applications can be made from December 1st, 2008. They do not say exactly when in January, but this means that the application period could be around 15 days shorter than previous years. Studera.nu is the online application site for all applications to Swedish universities. My concern about this is that it means that more of the application period now takes place during the holiday season, when many of the universities’ staff are on holiday and will be unable to answer questions and give advice.

Application dates for masters programmes at studera.nu

Andrei Neculau’s blog – lots of studera.nu information, user experiences, opinion, advice etc


55 thoughts on “Less time to make applications at Studera.nu

  1. i am sebiomo michael from nigeria west africa conutry ,i am seeking for admission in sweden universities to accomplish my carreer there,i have finished both my senoir secondary school and national diploma

  2. hi !
    i have done my F.Sc here in pakistan.now i want further study in Sweden.
    i want .B.Sc in Sweden.please send me invitation letter and invite me for study in Sweden.

  3. Hey,
    Pls., I wish to know other requirement acepted by this university. What about the accomodation
    Warmest regards.

  4. Hi Sir,
    What aare the courses covered by this scholarship for both first degree and masters degree.

  5. Hello there,
    I am from Arb Minch University and I have BSc. degree in Applied Chemistry. I need to upgrade in related field of study in your institution if you give me scholarship opportunity. After I have finished the program, I will contribute a lot to my home country.

    With best regard!

  6. I made a mistake while i inter my birth date in what way can i correct it? the exact one is 1986-08-20.

  7. John is your name, right? I think I saw it on another blog entry. I just want to congratulate you on your patience. Answering the same thing over and over again, and to people that seem to believe you have anything to do with the admission process or with the Studera website. Someone even saying, and I quote “please send me invitation letter and invite me for study in Sweden.”

    It’s not my intention to be rude but if one can’t figure out the “extremely complicated” procedure of consulting a webpage and follow the instructions, how would one truly expect to successfully complete a postgraduate study program in such a demanding academic environment like the Swedish.

    Well, congratulations on your blog and keep up the good work and patience.

    Best Regards.

    • Hi Armando,
      Thanks for that comment, it’s always nice to get such positive feedback. I take the attitude that choosing your education is one of the highest value purchases you will ever make, so you want as much confirmation as possible; so I can live with the questions I get (though I do think I need to make my role in the process clearer). The problem is that the communication of information, regarding the application process, is not as supported as well as it could be by the responsible organisations and often it’s hard to point people in the direction of a definitive answer. Once again, thanks for your kind words – they made for a nice start to an otherwise cold and dark winter morning!

  8. Hi John! I totally share Armando’s point of view and wish you luck with your beginning. But so far I couldn’t figure out your position whether you have had a previous experience with using studera.nu or somehow involved in workflow of the latter. Anyway, you’re helping people. That’s great!
    I have one more questions for you: Is there a procedure for non-bolognese edu. system (as it is in former USSR countries), where there’s no bachelor degree and 5-full year study instead, to be certified before applying to a master degree in Sweden. If so, is there any “how-to’s” or whatever? I went through the studera.nu but wasn’t lucky to find related information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards.

    • Hi Sultancent,
      I am a web editor at Lund University. I started blogging about the proposed introduction of tuition fees and thus include information about studera.nu. I suggest you contact the programme coordinator for the programmes you are interested in, with regard to your question about qualifications. You could also ask this question at the studera.nu facebook group.

  9. Hi Dear ,
    I am Simon Teweldebrhan from Eritrea which is in the horn of Africa owning over 1200 kms of the Red Sea coast. I have a B.Sc. degree in Marine Sciences from University of Asmara and am of the 2004 graduates.
    So you dear (John) what I am looking is that , if I get a scholarship (M.Sc. in any related courses ) in your institute so that i will be eligible to my mother nation’s compaign of utilizing the vergin marine resources.

    Best regards.

  10. I have BA degree in accounting.now I want study masters degree in any business related field in Sweden.but i cant study by my own fund,so,help me in finding scholarship sponsor.


  11. hi.. i have a bachelor degree in electrical engineering…
    now im plaining for Msc in sweden . for that im unable to register my self at studera.nu/english . i have followed the whole procedure step by step .but im unable to submit my application online. the server of studera is not accepting my information. please help me i have very short time left.

  12. I have B.Sc. degree in Chemistry. I have almost twelve years experience in factory. Now I want to pursue further study in chemistry or related field. If I can get scholarship M.Sc. in chemistry or related field in Sweden, I can help my country. So please help me.

  13. Hi

    I want to appreciate your patience John. You probably know how the SI and studera are becoming famous particularily in developing nations. But I wonder how many scholarship opportuinities are available in real terms for these countries. Do you have any idea John?


  14. I have B.Sc. degree in Chemistry. I have almost twelve years experience in factory. Now I want to pursue further study in chemistry or related field. If I can get scholarship M.Sc. in chemistry or related field in Sweden, I can help my country. I know how it is difficult to respond to each applicant. John please help me.

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