Common global practice is to send applications to the university – Not the case in Sweden.

I have been recently writing a report regarding the effect tuition fees will have on the university. One of the reviewers was concerned that we will probably continue to use as our application tool after the introduction of fees. This is despite that fact that most other universities, elsewhere in the world, handle applications for post graduate applications themselves.

The UK is a good example. Their online application system, UCAS, is for undergraduate applications. Post graduate applications, whether from national or international students, are handled by the university – usually at the faculty level. Why? Well, it means that the faculty has direct control over the process, rather than a third party being involved. An undergraduate application is about getting the right grades, a post graduate application is much more complex involving a more subtle assessment of grades, motivation and appropriateness of experience. Also, the recruitment process is a key part of conversion – do you really want to have that out of your control?

The University of Gothenburg’s School of Business, Economics and Law handles their own admissions – a distinct competitive advantage for them. They’ve already got an edge now, as their application period is almost a month longer than the new one from studera. GothenburgĀ can, no doubt, respond quickly to student enquiries and give rapid acceptance decisions., on the other hand, will not even tell you if your documents have arrived.


6 thoughts on “Common global practice is to send applications to the university – Not the case in Sweden.

  1. I think the Swedish application system for master is really ok. Since one applicant get only one position in Sweden, it is easier for both universities and applicants. If universities need more documents from applicants, i think it is already possible. The problem could be that the national admission office needs to hire more number of people scanning documents!

  2. It might not be your concern but I have one question about application on (I’ve already sent a mail but they haven’t answered yet)
    I thought that students could apply for up to 8 master programs starting Autumn semester. I don’t remeber exactly but i think i heard it from some friends and SU.
    However, accoding to FAQ on, the maximum number seems to be 4 programs and the application system actually refuses applications with more than 5 programs.
    Do you know which is the answer, 8 or 4??

  3. I really wonder how they intend to pull this off. I must say that the fact that students are not updated on the status of their applications is dicouraging. More disheartnening is the fact that there’s really no one to contact for follow-up. BTH does direct application and they are much faster in updating students on their status. Last year, one had the option of applying for about 20 courses. Obviously, studera has realises they cannot handle processing so many application and that has resulted in reducing the number of applications to a pathetic 4….Does studera have the competency to handle this?I wonder what the point of studera is…

  4. i wonder the kind of point studera want before they give you the admissions.i apply to boras,gavle and dalarna but received a message which i dont understand saying unqualified but i use the same qualification to apply schools in finland and i was admitted in industrial management.i dont know the amount of points that studera want which they have made the application system so regid.they better have to change as sweden is not the only country of good education and it will be at a point that no one will apply and the nation will need scholars to improve from what they have now but no student will be interested to apply and the country will lack alot of expertise.

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