Vote on Tuition Fees Delayed Until Spring 2009

The vote on tuition fees has been delayed until the spring of 2009, according to some very reliable sources. The date for the introduction of fees, should the vote pass (which it probably will) will probably be Autumn 2010.

So, more pain as we wait to see what happens with this. Hopefully we’ll get more information before the spring. What worries me is that this further reduces the amount of time we have to react to the bill, and its contents.

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27 thoughts on “Vote on Tuition Fees Delayed Until Spring 2009

  1. So, when do you think universities will start charging non EU/EEA students?
    According to this post, it seems that there will not be a tuition fee in semester Spring 2010, which is desirable for me…

  2. Sorry, I did not check your post very carefully. So, the start will be Autumn 2010!?
    For example, if I get enrolled in the 2-year program starting August 2009, do you think I have to pay for fees for Autumn semester 2010 and Spring 2011??

  3. Hi Kohta,

    It looks like the start will be Autumn 2010 – nothing is officially decided because the government has not yet voted on this. If you enrol for a programme in 2009 you will not have to pay fees halfway through – I have heard no discussion about this, nor has it been mentioned in any of the build up to the current application period. If you apply for ‘free’ education, that is what you will get.

  4. Hi there, this is a great blog you have here, thanks for the info. Does this mean that if I enrol at the end of ’09 for a course in autumn 2010, I would still get “free” education?


  5. Hi FP, thanks for the compliment. All the information I have, to date, is that the application period in December 2009 will be the last opportunity to apply for studies without tuition fees.

  6. Hi FP, thanks for the compliment. All the information I have, to date, is that the application period in December 2009 will be the last opportunity to apply for studies without tuition fees.

  7. Hi,

    First of all, thank you for your blog and posts! The situation is really complicated and this place is really helpful. Yet I would like to ask something and I hope I am not boring you.

    I am a non-european student. I thought that (before I heard about all these issues) I would make an application in january 2009 and if all went well, I would start my masters degree in september 2010. And here is my question: If the vote passes, will I pay the fee?

    According to your post I will, but I am confused because of the comments above. Again, I guess these questions are tiresome and thanks in advance for your effort and kindness.

  8. Hi Nehir – No, the application period starting December 2009, and ending January 2010 will be the last opportunity to apply for ‘free’ education. This will be the case, even if the tuition fee vote is passed.

  9. It would appear that the Swefish government is attempting to take away one of the last European Educational system that provides free higher education from predominately African nations. If 8000 student receive this education and it is the intension of this government to penalize 8000 needy students just to make the “University Systems more competitive” then I was wrong about Swedes. It can’t be a justification of money because 8000 students can’t possibly bankrupt your government.

    I’m sadden that the people of Sweden and this Government that promise lower taxes in order to appease the citizens of Sweden just to make more campaign slogan will punish NEEDY students.
    I’d like to see this study that states that student are able to pay for education. Clearly, The Prime Minister and the citizen of Sweden are unaware why students come to Sweden to study.

    To get education is a priviledge that can’t be afford by most government. If you impose a scholarship system, then you impose an elite system that currently exist in the United States and other non-forward THINKING COUNTRIES. I ask that you look at World Maritime University as a model and it’s mission that allows countries who can’t afford to pay for maritime education to send there students to Sweden to learn about maritime. I am very deeply sadden that The People of Seden and the tax cutting goverment has decide to even put forward this measure. and HIDE behide in the Spirit of COMPETITIVENESS we need to charge a fee. Please be sure that many observers know the real reason for the increase. The press release and the words used in a joke. We would have respect if you just told us the truth.

    • Hi Richard Dennis,

      Thanks for your comment. Firstly, I am not an apologist for the Swedish government – I am neutral on this issue although I wish Sweden could still continue to offer free education. Where do you get your number of students from? Is this just African students? There are over 28 000 international students currently studying in Sweden. Also, I’m not sure if lower taxes has been the justification for fees. I agree the press release is written in a clumsy way. With regard to the scholarship system, the press release went on say that “There is no desire for the fee reform to result in a reduction in the number of foreign students” and that “a system of grants” should be introduced. We have no details yet on the application criteria for these.

      Added 16th December – Okay, I made a mistake, apologies. The number of non EU students is around 8000. The total number of international students is 28 000. I guess I was suffering from brain fever…

  10. I had the opportunity to study Masters Programme from Lund University in Sweden. Ofcourse one of the top reasons I chose Sweden to study was free education. I think everyone knows that if Sweden starts charging for the education from non EU countries, the number of international students will drastically decrease, and many would prefer English speaking country…

    The next thing I would like to point out is that education is the right of everyone. I am absolutely not in favor of students paying for education. The state is responsible for its people. And it is the responsibility of state to provide education to its people free of cost. Sweden, filand and Norway shine in the arena of education, but when these countries start to make education a profitable business, the purpose and passion of education is killed…

    I believe that Sweden will actually loose money as it will start loosing people who come here, drive the economy, bring foreign reserves, spend it in Sweden…It is a fact that Sweden doesn;t have a large population, infact a city in pakistan has more population than the whole of Sweden, then why Sweden is carrying out such a measure? Where does the concept of social welfare go? Thrown out of the window?

    The whole irony of the situation is that people nowadays think more about money than about human relationships, they care more about materialistic stuff than they care about the feelings, emotions of Humans

    I just laid my heart out in the lines I wrote above so that Swedish government comes out of money nutshell and think broadly…

    History is witness to the fact that only those nations, civilizations prospered who took better care about their people who run the system rather than the system that starts running the people…

    And by the way, who tossed the coin of making education chargeable in Sweden. Who are these business minded people who even make Hospitals and Social system a money making business…

    Doing Business is a good thing. But dragging business into the colleges and universities where education illuminates the hearts and minds of young people who are the future of our world is not a good thing.

    Sweden, right now, stands out from the rest of countries for its free education…Once the bill passes, it no longer will….

    In the end, I would like to share a quote I read somewhere with you all..

    The first lesson of history is that people don’t learn from history…

    • Hi Raza,

      One of the great things about starting this blog is getting such honest, and emotional, comments from people such as yourself. I appreciate your candour. It remains to be seen how the scholarship system proposed by the government functions; maybe this will balance some of the negative effects of introducing fees.

  11. am from nigeria and i want to put in for massters in computyer science how possible is this from nigeria?

  12. Hi im from Nigeria and i have already applied for masters degree course in sweden for the period of spring 2010. And from the information, international students are to be notified by November 2009. So when do we apply for scholarship and prepare for embassy, since 6 weeks to apply for visa.

  13. hi, i have planned to start my msc by 2010 jan………in such case is it necessary to pay tuition fees

  14. Hi iam from Pakistan. Is there any update regarding tuition fee in sweden? (Bill for implementation of fees has been passed or not)

  15. Hi there is link shown below—Autumn-Term-2010/

    Please note that this information does not apply for exchange students.

    The preparations for introducing application and tuition fees for students from non-EU/EEA countries are underway. According to the Government’s instructions to the National Agency for Services to Universities and University Colleges (called VHS in Swedish), application fees will be implemented starting Autumn Term 2010. Tuition fees will be introduced starting Autumn 2011.

    VHS has been tasked with preparing for the introduction of application and tuition fees for students from non-EU/EEA countries, working in cooperation with Swedish universities and university colleges. Those affected by these new regulations are applicants and students that are not citizens of the EU, EEA-countries or Switzerland.

    According to the government proposal, application fees will be implemented starting Autumn Term 2010, and tuition fees will be introduced the following year, starting Autumn Term 2011.

    The underlying factor for these new fees is first and foremost the great increase in the number of foreign students studying at Swedish universities. Administration of foreign applications is costly, both in terms of time and money for VHS and Swedish universities and university colleges. Among the students who are accepted to study in Sweden, there are many who never matriculate.

    In its decision, the Government writes that the application fee is intended to stimulate serious and well thought-out applications, not to scare away applicants. VHS has also been appointed to put forth a proposal for appropriate fee amounts.

    VHS will report on its progress by the 15th of September this year.

    What do you think?

  16. Hi! I’m from Vietnam and I want to ask you that how I can apply to a free University in Switzerland and what’s the requirement?

  17. oh sorry I have a mistake, I’d like to know how to apply to a free University in Sweden not Switzerland

  18. i am a cameroonian requesting for further studies and pursuance of masters degree in law either criminal,public or related domains in law this caming 2010 in any affordable university in sweeden.

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