– a brief guide

We’re at the start of the application period for master’s programmes, in Sweden, and I thought it may be useful to gather together the answers to some of the questions I’ve been getting. So, here’s  some basic guidance to making your application to a university in Sweden.

– You make your application online, at

– If you want to apply for a master’s programme then click on the top menu link ‘Second Cycle Master/advanced level’

– is run by the National Agency for Services to Universities and University Colleges (abbreviated VHS, in Swedish)

– You apply online, but you must also send your documents to Sweden

– You do not send your documents to the university, but to an address given at

– You can only apply for 4 master programmes (the anchor in the page did not work for me, search the page for ‘application’)

– Online applications close on the 15th January 2009

– Documents must arrive by the 1st February 2009

– If in doubt, contact the master’s coordinator for the programme you are interested in with any questions, it’s their job to answer them.

There’s a facebook group which deals with studera, though note that it is not official.