Easier for international students to get a work permit in Sweden.

On the 15th of December the Swedish Government introduced new, liberal, immigration rules; visiting students will now be able to apply for a work and residence permit after completing one semester (term) of study, or the equivalent of 30 higher education credits, without having to leave Sweden.

The Local (Swedish news in English) reports the background to this story.


4 thoughts on “Easier for international students to get a work permit in Sweden.

  1. i am intented myself to study in sweden this year.but it is horriblre for me .may be my dream is droken.but the govermnt of sweden may apply low tution fees for international student instead of free cost.however the nesws is very good that the student may apply for work or resident.it is also valuable for the country and the student who gain knowledge in sweden.i must support this decission.


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