Vote delayed until November – Tuition fees delayed until 2011

I heard today that it seems likely that the Swedish government will delay the vote on the Internationalisation of Swedish Higher Education Bill, which contains the new law on charging tuition fees to non EU Students, until September 2009. This is later than the previously reported date of March 17th 2009.  My sources are reliable and say the reason that the vote will be delayed is that the Minister for Higher Education in Sweden does not want to introduce a fee scheme without first having the money in place for scholarships. This, apparently, will delay the implementation of fees until 2011.  

This is the second delay we’ve had, but the first to effect the date of implementation which was originally proposed to be 2010. This presumably means that 2010, rather than 2009, will be the last opportunity to apply for ‘free’ education.

103 thoughts on “Vote delayed until November – Tuition fees delayed until 2011

  1. hi,i really need help fast.i was admitted for autumn 2009,IBM, and till now am still trying to get my international passport which i need to apply for visa.i was told that it takes upto 8weeks to process visa.i want to know if its already late to start processing my documents or if i can defer the admission till spring email, am from nigeria

    R u SURE bout de NEWS SIR?If NO..den wen can v expect de exact outcome of introducin de tuition fee in Sweden?Actually I thought of applyin to de universities in sweden by dec’09 …N I hope n pray dey won implement de tuition fee …So dat students lyk us ll b benefit’d out of it..

  3. hello sir,i want to apply masters in sweden.after getting the visa i want go with my wife it easy to get spouse visa????and cost of living is it so high for 2 people??can v adjustable wth earing only part time job salary…

    kindly reply my doubt…


  4. hello sir,i want to apply masters in sweden.after getting the visa i want go with my wife it easy to get spouse visa????and cost of living is it so high for 2 people??can v adjustable wth earing only part time job salary…

    kindly reply my doubt…

  5. Dear John,
    Could you kindly let me know if:-
    1) I can apply for a second bachelors degree in a swedish university if I already have a bachelors degree from my home university in Bangladesh
    2) If I have a bachelors degree from Bangladesh is it possible to apply for masters and a second bachelors simultaneously in a Swedish university?

    Student of Electronics and Communication engineering in Bangladesh

  6. i want to apply for the spring admission on now or would autumn be best for an international student?

    • hey Sharon!

      I would like to ask you where did you find the information for admision in the spring session 2010?

      I have problem finding those information!


  7. I would be interested in the “Master of Science Programme in wireless communication” but I have a few questions. I am now 28 and I have worked on different assignments for over 3 years now. So, could I still apply? I want to specialize in wireless network planning and I am still pondering whether its good to go for MS or continue gaining more out of work especially when you also get paid for it.
    In this case, with no definite news on tuition fees and with funding not easily available, I have to really decide If I should put in about 25,000-30,000 Euro and two years into it.
    I hope there is some help on the way :)


  8. Hi sir,
    Can i ask you for universities’s tuition fee in 2010 because now i’m a first year student in Vietnam and i wanna learn for bachelor degree in Sweden, please answer me if i have to pay tuition fee or not. Thanks so much for your reply!
    Boi Tram.

  9. Thank you so much for your answer, it means the application in December/2009 is my last opportunity for free tuition fee?So great to me if that’s true, and through next 4 years, when paying tuition fee is valid, do i have to pay my tuition fee?

    • Hi Boi Tram,
      No, it means that December 2010 will probably be the last opportunity – however, I’ve no idea exactly when fees will be introduced in 2011. Even if you are still studying in Sweden when fees are introduced (after applying before fees are introduced), you will not have to start paying fees.

  10. Excuse me,
    My name is Hong Yen. I’m currently a freshman student in Vietnam, majoring in Business. I want to make my following year abroad probably in Sweden. Could you please let me know if Lund University offers Business courses in English or not? And the fees for the courses?
    Thank you so much!

  11. I would like to apply for studying Environment in Swedwen in autumn 10/2010, I hope that your information about tuition fees will be true! hix otherwise, I will not have enough money to pay…! Bless you! :D and us who want to have opportunity for free tuition fees! hi`

  12. Dear Sir,

    Currently, I’m pursuing my Bachelors and still have an year left. So, if i apply for the Masters programme for Spring semester 2011, that is Semester start January 2011, and i start applying sometime in July-August 2010, would i have to consider tuition fees?

    You mention December 2010 being the last opportunity, is that for applying? In that case could I apply in November-December 2010 and get an admission for the Autumn semester 2011 and still not worry about the tuition fees?

  13. Respected Universityusability Sir,
    I jus wanna kno ,if I complete my masters degree[comp science] in sweden ..Is the certificate n de course globally recognised???
    waiting for yea reply Sir..

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