Call for improvement, add your voice

Andrei Neculau has been a driving force in helping international students with the application process but also in trying to lobby VHS (the organisation operating for change. He’s recently launched on facebook a call for students to leave comments about, which he will incorporate into a report. I think this is a great idea, and if he does write  a report I will do my best – within my role at Lund University  -to make sure it gets read by the people who should read it.

So, visit the facebook group and leave your comments – you’ll need to be a member of facebook, but that’s a painfree process. Alternatively, you can leave comments here, and I’ll pass them on to Andrei. Here’s what he said on facebook:

‘Write about the things that please or trouble you, write about the things that you like or don’t like, write about the things that you see fit to be part of this process and aren’t as of now, write about this Facebook community, etc. Each and every of your comments will help with writing a more comprehensive and a more balanced report.’


4 thoughts on “ Call for improvement, add your voice

  1. i will go to sweden for study, this is my post address,

    Address deleted by John (Universityusability)

  2. Hey!! This site is very good, thanks for the help!!!

    First of all, I think that Studera has to give an additional address and a tel. number for the couriers, for example DHL can’t deliver in PO boxes
    (I send my documents with DHL and then I heard that, I hope studera received them…. )

    The other thing is the “Your pages” – problem. I am from Greece and sometimes we had such problems in my university, but after a couple of days everything was ok. To tell the truth I didn’t expect from a well-organized and technologically advanced country like Sweden to have problems with the applications. Until the 12th of March is a long time, all this waiting makes me more anxious

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