error messages “Requirements not fulfilled, unqualified and specific requirements not fulfilled”

Update: 4th April. I spoke to and it looks like this problem is fixed now.

The website now has the following information: (it’s in the column on the right hand side of the page)

NEWS: Due to a technical malfunction on Your pages, applicants get the wrong information about their eligibility status for master’s studies right now. As this glitch will be fixed by 12 March, we kindly  ask you to disregard the following notes for the time being: ‘Requirements not fulfilled’, ‘Unqualified’, ‘Specific requirements not fulfilled’.”

I’ve had some comments about this here, and have seen that students are concerned by this (and quite rightly so) on the facebook group – hopefully this will answer some concerns. I can’t imagine that things are going to be any calmer on the 13th March, however.

43 thoughts on “ error messages “Requirements not fulfilled, unqualified and specific requirements not fulfilled”

  1. Hi john,
    Prio Code SG MR
    1 CTH-38009

    120cr, Day-time, 100%
    Study programme
    Normal teaching
    Chalmers University of Technology,
    Advanced level


    Specific requirements not fulfilled
    Requirements not fulfilled::
    Academic Degree consisting of 180 ECTS or equivalent
    Requirements not fulfilled.:
    Entry requirements have not been fulfilled.

    Same here…but with additional message from received one month ago…
    “A general requirement for eligibility to Masters studies in Sweden is the completion of a degree that is 180 HE credits (ECTS). Your merits have been assessed and your academic results are the equivalent of 180 HE credits (ECTS), but you have not been awarded an undergraduate degree (first cycle degree). As a result, you do not meet the general degree requirement. However, some Swedish universities may consider your application and in such case you will be notified later.”
    I have sent emails to and Chalmers but have only received a generic reply message from and no reply from Chalmers(yet)…
    Does the “Unqualified” characterization mean a final rejection from Chalmers?
    That is what i can’t understand…have i been permanently rejected or the status may change on May the 7th? is still displaying the message “Under assessment”…

  2. Hi

    Do you know anything about SG and MR?

    Mine is as follow:

    SG LUMAs
    Master of finance

  3. Hey John,

    Thanks for your reply.I would to know being on Reserve list carries any chances of getting admission in Masters program.

  4. hey fellas
    I’ve applied for 4 master programs and about a month ago before the final notification I received a message claiming that my documents are incomplete and I’m unqualified for admission. I AM SURE there was nothing wrong with my documents. now on all my programs have been deleted since i’m unqualified ( studera claims ). PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME! tell me something.

    Thank you all

    • Hi Sahand,
      Sorry to hear about your situation; I suggest you contact, as well as checking with your programme coordinator. You should also check out the facebook group.

  5. Hey Sahand,

    Same happened with my documents.You should write to your preferred university and studera about the same.They are highly cooperative,will surely tell you where it went wrong..My staus is the same..Good luck to u also..

  6. hi,can anybody knows about being reserve 50 in communication systems n kth?how is the chance to be admitted?

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