Importing Google Analytics into Excel – Text to Columns Function!

Importing Google Analytics data into Excel seems to be, for me at least, a chore but the Text to Columns function in the Data tab makes it easy. Import the data, in this example Content data, as a CSV file into Excel, open it and arrrgh, unholy mess which seems unusable.  

an-unholy-excel-messAn unholy excel mess…

But, select the Content data (which is all stuffed into one column) and then click on Text to Columns in the Data tab.  After checking ‘Delimited’, check other ‘.’ and comma.


This will hopefully make some more sense of your data, and spread it out into separate columns. You’ll probably have to sort out some of the data manually, but it will certainly be faster than copy and pasting the data direct from GA. I probably should get out more.


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    It’s free and open source.

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