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For those of you who are waiting for acceptance results for, I spoke with them and the previous error messages that some of you were receiving has been fixed. See my earlier blog post about this


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  1. I’am not really sure with my message
    This’s my message:
    You have been granted an exemption from the general requirement of a completed academic degree comprising of at least 180 ECTS credits or equivalent. The decision only applies to this programme/course, this term.

    sooo, does this mean that only one of the requirements is fulfilled according to my documents, or does it mean i’m accepted at the university finally

  2. I am extremely dissatisfied by the swedish admissions system studera.Correct me if I am wrong,but it seems Swedish Universities are trying to act is if they were some Ivy league that were designed to reject superior applicants only to create a feigned impression of high class,the world over. From recent experiences I have found especially Lund University to the be the worst of the lot, giving preference to silly Pakistani refugees with unqualified credentials on one hand,while rejecting applicants with degrees from a first world country like myself.I am extremely distressed by Sweden Education,overall. Sweden is fast developing into a boring soothsayer of mediocrity and comfort wishful thinking and this is reflected by the universities,old and young, designed to attract the most rubbish quality applicants,who cannot even write decent English to begin with (judging from the posts on this site!), while rejecting high quality applicants from developed nations.

    This mediocrity or the national celebration of sheer sillyness is nothing new to this region.Frankly speaking,what has Sweden achieved in the last three decades?

    Mobile technology and telecommunication engineering are ancient impressions on their pursuit of quality.But,what is happening now? I see here nothing but the superannuated endowment of the Nobel Prize and tiring sentiments of “We are the best”. What is now seen is a strange youth ,immersed in the porned imageries of life where the notion of born with a silverspoon is worn.All in all,if appreciation of quality was a shameful consideration for established places of learning in Sweden, it is sad to assume that the academia in Sweden was doomed for eternal senility!

    Sweden academia relishes Africans ,Asians or even Americans but more than that this silly Pakistanis,but they hate applicants with degrees any other first world regions for reasons only known to them.A general note of recommendation will be, not to consider this region for quality education for it is fast enslaving it false prejudices;designed to fail and falter in the lights of the new century.Intellectual death starts with failure to accept quality.

    • Hi Brian,
      Thanks for your comment. I have a few questions; first, could you elaborate on your experiences at Lund? What leads you to think that you were discriminated against, which seems to be the point you are making? Specifically, what is your justification for using the word ‘refugee’?
      Your question of what has Sweden achieved in the last three decades is an interesting one – certainly in terms of competitiveness, for example, the Swedish economy is highly ranked (ranked 3rd in the World – World Economic Forum, 2008). On global scores of innovation, quality of life and information technology penetration it also scores highly. My personal view is that for a small country of 9 million inhabitants Sweden performs remarkably well in the global arena.
      I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to say about Swedish Higher Education. I personally don’t value rankings like the THES too highly but, nevertheless, several Swedish universities are in the top 100. From my own experiences at Lund, recent external evaluations showed that our research, in several areas, was of the highest class and directly contributing to the advancement of knowledge in, for example, physics and climate change.
      Finally, your use of the word ‘silly’ to describe Pakistanis is certainly going to be considered offensive by many of the visitors to this blog. Generalisations like that generally, IMHO, do not serve any purpose other than reflecting badly on the author.

    • Well I come from a country where English is the main-spoken language and I do not think many consider English-speaking abilities as a mark for intelligence. In fact, I find it ironic that you criticize others here for their writing abilities in English while yours certainly has a significant number of errors. I guess people from the far right fascist wing can throw stones from glass houses.

      Anyway, I’m fairly certain most of the universities (if not all) require a minimum score on the TOEFL on top of excellent scores in their normal degree programs. In addition to a qualified academic ability, students from developing countries face the challenge of finding funding for their studies. So please, do you want to say people from developing countries, which often have education systems with limited funding, have some kind of advantage to being accepted to a university in Sweden?

      What has Sweden contributed to the world? They’ve certainly been a leader on human rights, helping push countries that have sought EU membership, like Turkey, to abolish capital punishment and extend rights to minorities and women. The social system in Sweden is usually regarded as one of the fairest in the world. I think there are many things wrong with Sweden, but you seem to be taking the fascist view on Sweden with a closed mind. More likely, intellectual death starts with minds that cannot be opened.

  3. Well Mr. Brian tell me a simple thing. Why a student from so called developed country applies to study in Sweden when he thinks that “what has Sweden achieved in the last three decades?” Well what I see is hypocrisy in your words.

    Students from Pakistan have proved themselves in last few years so that countries like Sweden are giving them high ranks due to there high quality of education. And talking of English it is enough to put silence on your face that Pakistani Engineering students are exempted from English Language Test requirements and keep in view that English is not there Mother Tongue like yours. To be born with a silver spoon in your mouth is not something to be proud of. Proof yourself to be the one who deserve it.

    And one more thing A person like you can never learn. Gathering degrees from so called developed world does not make you a good human being. Learn to respect other nations and be respected. I know many intellectuals of developed countries who are humble and they respect the intellectuals from developing countries. It is the people like you who promote racism.

    Do not come up with some harsh reaction because it will be of no use.

  4. salam Mr. Ahmad
    when i read Mr. brown email in which he called all of us stupids.i was about to reply him in harsh words but when i saw your reply i just realised its enough for him to get embaressed and ashamed of his words not only for pakistan,pakistani students but for sweden as well.thanks for representing us truely Mr. Ahmad.I,m very pleased to tell you the truth.
    i would like to thank specially the swedish Govt, swedish universities for providing us opportunities to study there.Thanks for your trust on pakistani student.i dont have any special words to thank u.

    Best Regards,
    Waqar Anwar.

  5. hi there….i dont know but in my studera page its showing i dont have 180 ECTS or equivalent but i have a engineering degree which is of 4 full years. how come i dont fulfill 180 ECTS thats very strange to me. Can anyone PLEASE explain this to me. by the way i dont get selected for this same reason.

    with regards.

  6. I thought I must respond to John atleast , for the other two were boisterous patriotism better sheltered by their dirty relics or their Byzantine followers.It is hard for a typical moron to see the “sense” in intellectual autopsy,where a solid proposition is bombarded not to vitiate the atmosphere but to create a spirit ,where the so called academic naivete exudes some honest,unadulterated and direct opinions!I do not mind criticisms of the harshest order ,but they have to be culturally academic and academically corroborative.

    The issue is critical evaluation of the status quo existing in Sweden.May I revert back to my original theisis,where I had said that the idea of asserting technological advancements to a degree of isolation is a dangerous one.The issues are how can the current higher education climate achieve in purpose, collaboration,co-production and academia industry interlink in a way that enriches the overall human capital of Sweden? What has Sweden achieved thus becomes the first and most acceptable podium of discussion to evaluate – not what Sweden has achieved but that what Sweden has achieved was of her true potentials or not?It is sad,that my wry sense of pun has caused much angst in you ,John.The other consideration is that whilst you have opposed the idea of the THES rankings,you have used another such scaling method to quote Sweden’s global ranking! The contradiction does not seem to be serviceable.

    Coming back to the most usual Knee jerk rambling out of the pakistanis, my comments have been objective.Pakistan can never be the subject of any intelletual discussion, people can only point at it as an example of how and why a system can go terribly wrong.What is seen as promotion of racism is objective reasoning based on factual personal experiences,which when quoted,take shape of political incorrectness: this is has no place in free academic environment where “truth” always aims at stripping down the last remnants of fabrication from reality.

    My personal experiences in Sweden throughout various parts of my life,has helped me see the sea of changes brought by these people.I take no exception to Sweden’s obligations to the UN conventions of refugees but what I see is,people who would otherwise pay for a tuition elsewhere,see Sweden as a soft target. Look at Lund,look at Stockholm,look at Linkoping for that matter,more than half of all the international crowd is full of these pakistanis.They sit in groups of their own,do not assimilate,spit and chew and turn the labs into their country yards!The worst of all this is that this lot, in all occassions come to EU for good! They do not have plans of returning,they play the poor card and get hold of kind European girls(witnessed first hand) only to get through the residence permits and later abuse them.
    This is not generalisation and my sympathy is not yielding though,but for the general audacity for people of one country to take a joy ride to another seems foreign to my economic understanding.

    Then there was this boring comment that Pakistanis were so great that they received exemptions from the IELTS and the TOEFL. What this respondent has forgotten is that this is nothing but courtesy,India’s commonwealth status and Pakistan’s ancestry in the Indian British commonwealth.The respondent himself writes simpleton,full of grammatical,dictional and syntactical errors and is impertinent to the core that he goes in for a direct rampage,forgetting all forms of academic integrity.The one that follows is a delight and only God can have him!

    For this man who rumbles on and on his intellectual prowess,May I invite him to understand that the purpose of coming to University is beyond earning a meal ticket.One learns here to confront truths,howesoever harsh they may be and adopts ways to learn not what to think, but,how to think.

    Intelligent integrity is far more pallatable than Political neutrality and the latter has no place in a trully academic environment!There is nothing dignifying about silence,certainly not when the utter wrong is being feigned as being the ‘tolerant’ right.

    • Brian,

      Can you please stop criticizing the English of others when yours is rather poor? It seems to me you have a completely closed mind. I would invite you to the USA for a stay in Oklahoma or Texas; you could remain with many like-minded people if you desire.

      I’m certainly glad that Sweden has a found a way to advance itself while many other countries in Europe have slashed their welfare systems and still struggle with their economies. Sweden is most certainly an example of good on how to manage economics and spread the right moral values in the world.

  7. iIt is useless contributing to such innane forums like this.A grope is a grope ,it can never be the enunciation.

    and afterall , one can never fall in love with cobbles in one’s shoe.

    I I relent in that I am tired of idiots trying to put words into my mouth.

    And for this Shakespeare dressed in anonymity, international student or whatever you are known as,you need to take a new birth and this time in a decent environment to comment on my English!

    • well well Mr. Brian,

      You are an extremely self obsessed person who thinks that he is the only qualified person in this world and no one comes way near. You comment on the blog and on second thought you reject to talk to the blogger because he doesn’t share common thoughts with you. You try to be verbose but deny accepting truth in simpler words. You apply to a university but wouldn’t accept its achievements when you are rejected. You call all Pakistanis refugees because they come from a developing country and you are an ELITE simply because you come from a developed nation???
      wow man, you simply are great. I am from Pakistan and I have seen dozens of people having been denied admission simply because they didn’t qualify. Now its time that you realized that you are one of the people who didn’t qualify.

      And if all of us need to take a new birth to match up to you in English, you should also resurrect in a developing country and be called a refugee in your face. I hope you grow up well in time so you don’t have to waste yourself in hatred.


  8. Prio Code SG-MR Selection Acc. in S.G.
    3 HH-90002

    Master’s Programme in Strategic Management and Leadership (One Year)
    60cr, Day-time, 100%
    Study programme
    Normal teaching
    Halmstad University,
    Advanced level


    Res 61


    Prio Code SG-MR Selection Acc. in S.G.
    4 GU-63999

    Master in Communication
    120cr, Day-time, 100%
    Study programme
    Normal teaching
    Göteborg University,
    Advanced level


    Res 51


    that my current status,just look at these figures and let me know please whether i,ll b able to get an admission in the 2nd round or not?
    looking forward to hear you from
    waqar anwar

  9. can anybody tell me that with my result as below can i be accepted on the second round?
    1 KTH-E0911

    Master (Two Years), Communication Systems
    120cr, Day-time, 100%
    Study programme
    Normal teaching
    Kungl. Tekniska högskolan,
    Advanced level


    Res 50

    2 KTH-E0903

    Master (Two Years), Information and Communication Systems Security
    120cr, Day-time, 100%
    Study programme
    Normal teaching
    Kungl. Tekniska högskolan,
    Advanced level


    Res 99

    4 CTH-13009

    120cr, Day-time, 100%
    Study programme
    Normal teaching
    Chalmers University of Technology,
    Advanced level


    Res 251


    • O dear!

      Once again, you have exhausted yourself with meaningless comments. The Swedish Education System- the very flawed system which was once very impotent- has suddenly become very great again since it has offered you a doctoral place (I pity them for having you though). It has become this great now, that you find pride in it and consider it worth showing it to others.
      And how about the fact that you weren’t going to comment on this forum again since all of us were mindless idiots? I guess you stopped going out of your house because of the fear of carrying the shame of being rejected.
      And coming to commenting on the names of each other, which I and every sane adult find the work of little teens, you probably felt too insulted that you accepted every stupid pronunciation that came to your mind. I advice you to be a little less conscious about your English and learn to respect other languages. But then again, where you fail to respect people with other nationalities, respecting other languages is very far-fetched.


  10. let us not be so harsh with each other. Brian has been very objective in his analyses… truth hurts but it is truth after all. There is a clear distinction between academic comment and opinionated ignorance. Ishfaq has been disgusting throughout,he has missed the point completely.

  11. Dear John,

    Thanks for the information. Keep up the good work, which is the basic idea of having a blog.


  12. this is not for me to respond but John your usage of the expression “troll” is denigrating.It is clear why people like Ishfaq gain prominence here.

    When you have deleted Brian’s posts which to you are racist,I am amazed how you have taken the liberty to continue to publish Ishfaq’s shamelessly rude and illiterate responses.If making an objective statement of the plight of ordinary Swedes and their education life, in the light of the immigration floods was so wrong,I just wonder how on Earth you are being employed in a Swedish organization.There was nothing racist about Brian’s comments, your attitude was!

    Keep discouraging objectivity and this blog will become a barren land full of boring posts. Brian, please respond for I am leaving!

    • Hi J Jodie,
      Okay, ‘gain prominence’…what do you mean? Show me where ‘people like Ishfaq’ are gaining prominence please. Even if I felt that Ishfaq’s posts were rude, or illiterate, that would not be grounds for instant moderation. Racism always will be. Brian has not made an objective statement, I asked him for facts to back up his claims and he gave none – this is not objective. To that point, when you say ‘in light of the immigration floods’, what do you actually mean? Also what are you actually wondering about my employment? Please explain.
      I don’t think I discourage objectivity, of 1000 posted comments I’ve deleted precisely 3 comments.

  13. hi,
    regards.last one month i am not getting any message from please give me uptodate message nowonwards.i am trying to get admission in universities of sweden for PhD course.from your side any information please let know.

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