Google Analytics Network – Suniweb Conference Malmö 2009

I recently held a workshop at the Suniweb conference in Malmö on Google Analytics.  The conference is a meeting place for web people from Swedish higher education. My main aim with my workshop was to see if we could set up a network to share analytics data from our own websites. I see the main advantages of this as:

  • Generating awesome benchmarking data e.g. how does my website compare with others in the sector?
  • Increased confidence in the analytics data we generate
  • An opportunity to share best practice

There was a reasonably positive response to this idea, so over the next week or so I’ll thrash out how we can best share data, without feeling like we’re being exploited but at the same time make it worthwhile. 

If you’ve got any suggestions, or want to know more, just leave a comment…

Here’s my presentation from the workshop.