Students Applying in 2010 Will Probably Pay Fees: New Information From The Swedish Authorities

The Swedish authority for  Universities (VHS) is investigating how to introduce application and tuition fees for Non EU students. It looks like students applying in 2010 will pay an application fee, and full fees will be introduced in 2011. The current information in Swedish says  that tuition fees will be introduced for those students starting their education in the Autumn 2011. Thus, apply in 2010, you will be paying fees in 2011 – though we must wait for the governments investigation , results on the 15th September.

Malmö university has more on this here:—Autumn-Term-2010/

The governments decision can be read here (in Swedish):

20 thoughts on “Students Applying in 2010 Will Probably Pay Fees: New Information From The Swedish Authorities

  1. Thanks for all the updates, I have the intention to apply in December 2009 (In order to start in autumn 2010) to a Master Program in Sweden, and from what I understood, I will have to pay an application fee (as I am not an EU student). That said; have you heard about the amount of such a fee? And in case of the students which are rejected, will they get their fee back, or not?

    Thanks for all the info on your site.

  2. @Rodrigo: I think you will not have to pay a fee. Students who will start applying in Autumun 2010 and will hence join in 2011 will only be required to pay a fee.

  3. exactly as Rodrigo has put it,2009 applicants for 2010 entry will pay nothing.I can imagine how competitive this will be.

  4. I am intend to apply for full time under graduate programe [English] in molecular biology in 2011 academic session. please help with update news throw my E- mail. thanks

    • Most likely no. If you get accepted for a two year-program starting in 2010 (i.e. applying in 2009) it is unlikely that you will need to pay during your second year (2011). In other words, you will not need to pay half-way into the program as long as you get accepted before the tuition fees are introduced. We cannot know for sure though, until a final decision is made by the Swedish “riksdag”.

  5. In my country, Argentina, there are both public and private Universities. Both have strong points, depending on the career one wants to pursue (i.e. medicine students have better equipment in private universities, but in economics and law, estate’s universities are far more advanced in academics achievements).

    The public Universities, are run by the Government. They don’t charge any tuitition fee, not even to foreign students.

    In international agreements and treaties, I have read that the possibility of charging fees to a foreign student in a different way a resident is charged, should be based on reciprocity. Thus, if a swedish student goes to Norway to study, he should not be charged at all, because any student from Norway woulud benefit with free education in Sweden.

    Swedish government has all the responsability of balancing the high quality higher education it offers, with the reciprocity agreements when charging students from countries that offer the same education system.

  6. I want to apply in Masters in Environmental Engineeing/ Environment Sciences so what is the fee of the cource.

  7. Hi,
    I had applied for 2008 calender (to join Autumn 2009 academic session) but due to high competetion i could not make it to the course i wanted.

    i have a couple of question , 1st one is similar to rodrigo..
    i am planning to apply this year to, i head from my fren who got into chalmers tat there are unconfirmed reports of 2009 applicants will be charged for application fees.. tats nearly 12000 kr( This is not confirmed)… what happens if ones application does not make it to selections.. are they refunded??

    2. I am applying for the same course again,, will i be disqualified based on my prev year application ??

  8. Hello guys . I am from ASIA . Within December 15(2009) to Januray 15(2010) i will apply for 2010 FALL/AUTUMN semester . If i get accepted , my session will start from September 2010 . According to some web , international students will have to pay for tuition fees from 2011 . So if i apply in Jan 2010 for AUTUMN session in starting from september 2010 , do i have to start paying tuition fees from 2011??
    Or only the international students who will apply in 2011 or only the international students whose session will start from 2011 will have to pay tution fees ?
    Please i need an urgent reply . Thanks .

  9. please, i will like you to furnish me with detail information. I applied in December 2008 Autumn session but i was not qualified for the course i applied for,due to some requirement not i have applied for the spring session in 2009, will i still pay? If yes, will i be granted visa,cause i heard that one migtht even be denied afterward

  10. hello will i pay for tution if i apply for a degree course in the year 2010? i will be applying this year and hopefully start studies in 2010

  11. I’m Vietnamese International at United States for 2 years High School Program. I would like to transfer to B.A Hospital Management Institute in Sweeden. So I want to know how is the fee for 1 year ? and how long of the course take ?

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