Non-European students to be charged tuition fees

Finally, the official confirmation for the introduction of fees:

The Swedish Government, on the 10th September, said:

“In the 2010 Budget Bill, the Government proposes that foreign students wishing to study in Sweden should pay fees.”

Read the full press release in English.

Note that the press release identifies a grant system, but details of this must wait until the Autumn.


12 thoughts on “Non-European students to be charged tuition fees

  1. Sir my question is “i will apply for autumn term 2010. will I need to pay fees for my second year of M.S in 2011.

  2. Thanks for the update; it is clear now, regarding the tuition fees. Now, regarding the “application” fees, is there any update in that? The application fees will start as well in autumn 2011? Or will they start this year? (I remember reading that application fees were going to be placed in order to assure that students who apply do have a real intent of studying there) In case that the application fees are introduced, the amount of such fees will be up to the universities as well? Or is it going to be a standard fee for everyone?

    Thanks for the info on your site, it has been very helpful



  3. Hi…Dear Sir,
    i am a undergraduate student from pakistan and want to study in BBA(Management) sweden…i am thinking that i will apply in 2010? Will I need to pay fees for my second year in 2011..

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