All Change…and this blog comes back to life

I’m changing jobs in the next few months; which means this blog will be coming back to life as I return to working with analytics, and social media, in a more hands on way. I also want to pick up the usability/interaction. There’s a lot of back story to that previous sentence, from which I’ll spare you now, but my career trajectory is definitely taking an interesting turn.

The purpose of this blog will, for the time being, remain largely similar to its previous incarnation. I’ll be blogging about website management, analytics, as well as social media, in the field of higher education. I’ll also be keeping an eye on the issue of tuition fees, in Sweden, and the ramifications of this for Swedish higher ed. It’s previously been difficult to manage such a schizophrenic blog so I’ll probably look at solving that after the summer.┬áSince I stopped posting in 2009 the traffic to the site has declined a little, but not by much, with an approximate average of around 4 000 views a month. Most of this traffic is coming in, right now, via keywords related to tuition fees.

As usual I’ll do my best to answer comments but right now, given that I’ve spent the last few months away from the fees and admission area I am not at all the best person to answer questions regarding applying to Sweden. Chances are I’ll probably suggest you contact or the extremely active community on the facebook group.

The disclaimer on my blog is still relevant, but my status as an employee of Lund University will be changing after the summer.

Finally – here’s a real nice post from Brian Clifton regarding tracking mobile visits to your site in Google Analytics. Nice use of segmentation, incredibly useful insights regarding mobile visitor behaviour on your site.