Tuition Fees in Sweden for Non EU Students – Sources of Information.

Given the amount of traffic some of my older posts on tuition fees are receiving, I thought it might be worthwhile linking to some of the updated information which is out on the web:

The incredibly useful Study In Sweden site has a summary of the new law and a helpful FAQ:

Study In Sweden can also be followed on Twitter, here:

The Studera.Nu site has some information, very specifically targetted at applicants applying soon, here:

I notice that the Wikipedia entry for Swedish Education has not been updated – when I get the chance, I’ll do something about that.

The Studera.Nu (National Admissions to Higher Studies in Sweden) facebook group has a discussion about this as well.

26 thoughts on “Tuition Fees in Sweden for Non EU Students – Sources of Information.

  1. It will be shocked for millions of people around the world specially from the third world meritorious students like Bangladesh. i hope the decision will be postponed by the Swedish authority.

    • It’s highly unlikely that the decision is postponed. It’s voted for and decided, and will be applicable from next year (autumn semester 2011).
      There has been promises for scholarships though.

      • Hi Eva, exactly correct-it is law now. Students applying from in December 2010 will have to pay tuition fees. As you say, we’re waiting to see what the scholarships will look like.

  2. definately…it will stop the doors for students from third world for geting education free of cost like thousands will b shocked in pakistan

  3. people seem to think “free of cost” means it’s actually free. It’s not. We are taxed in order to pay for the school systems and the teachers. It’s perfectly reasonable for the citizens of Sweden to expect tuition-free schooling, as we pay for it through our taxes. I don’t see why someone in Bangladesh should feel entited to have Swedish citizens pay for her studies. I for one am extremely grateful that these changes are finally being made.

  4. Well, the decision, I hope be reversed, because it ll close the doors of education on many of the Non-EU students. I think most of the people can’t bear such heavy fees in Euros and Dollars.

    • Faiz – It’s extremely unlikely to be reversed, it’s a cross party issue so a change in government would not affect it. However, there will be opportunities to study in Sweden via the scholarship schemes the government has promised – more information on these will be forthcoming.

  5. Personally, i got interested and i am still. Free tuition in Sweden will invite people who desires education at little or no cost. It will be nice if the government reverse their decision

    • Hi Temple Ugorji, the best place to start is by going to, they have an overview of the admission process, as well as general tuition fee information. Most Swedish universities have still not revealed the price for their education.

  6. I will like to have a comprehensive informations about all the affordable universities and their tuition fees in sweden.i will be glad to hear from you as soon as possible. Thanks. Victoria

  7. I will like to have a comprehensive informations about all the affordable universities and their tuition fees in sweden.i will be glad to hear from you as soon as possible. Thanks. Ramzy

    • The universities have not all revealed what their tuition fees will be – I suggest you go via studyinsweden and then see if the programmes you are interested in have fee information attached. You can also get some information from my post on this.

  8. hiii iam completed my medical lab technolgy and Bsc Biotechnology. and iam looking forward to do my ms programe in uk. i hear that entair ms program at free of cost. how can i apply.

    can i know that universities which is gviving Ms programe free of tution fee

    thaning you

    thanking u ,

    • Hi Sudheer, Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I’m not so familiar with the UK education scene, but they do charge fees. I believe that some European countries, such as Norway and Finland, still have no or very small tuition fees. In Sweden, where I am based, there are fees but also various scholarship funds – you can find out more at I hope this helps a bit.

  9. What will cost me to get BA in Sweden ? I am from Russia, which is not a EU country. What are general admission requirements for IT or Tourism programms?

  10. I’m interested in studing in wmu, sweden for msc in naval/marine architecture, wud like 2 find out if tution is still free, or how do i go abt it?

  11. Is d tution fee in world maritme academy still fee, cos i wish to take an msc program in naval/@marine architecture. How do i go abt dat?

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