Tuition Fees in Sweden for International Students – 10 000 to 15 000 EURO/year

Lund University and Uppsala University have published tuition fee levels for studying, as an international student, with them from 2011 onwards.

Lund University has confirmed tuition fees as being between 10 000 to 15 000 EURO a year, or 12 000 to 19 000 US Dollars.

Here’s some information on fee pricing from Linköping university.

Here’s tuition fee levels (in Swedish) from Linköping University. 10 000 to 27 000 EURO/year.

Tuition fee information from Malmö University.

Tuition fee information, for certain programmes, from Lund University.

Tuition fee information for programmes at Umea University

Tuition fee information for programmes at Chalmers

Jönköping tuition fee information.

Tuition fee information for programmes at KTH (Swedish) (Google translate into English).

IT Faculty at the University of Gothenburg – fees information.

Tuition fee information from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Tuition fee information from Chalmers, updated.

Tuition fee information from Borås

Tuition fee information Karlstad University


Swedish Companies and Social Media Content

I’m on summer break right now, hence the lack of posting, but here’s something from the Swedish news (though this article is in English): Companies responsible for social media content. Without the time to really comment on this, all I can say is I look forward to the day when we stop talking about social media like it’s a special problem which sits on its own little island, somehow different to everything else an organisation, and its employees does….’Companies responsible for communication’, would be the better title – IMHO.