“Competing on the Basis of Quality” – Tuition Fees in Sweden

Here’s some information (from February 2010) regarding tuition fees in Sweden, from the Swedish Government.

Apart from anything else, isn’t it time that the Swedish authorities stopped saying ‘third countries’ for non-EU countries and found a better expression? – I notice it appears in several places throughout the article; some international students recently pointed this expression out to me as being, at best, patronising.

The main points of the article are:

– The Government wants Swedish higher education institutions to compete on the basis of quality, not on the basis of a free education.

– The number of students coming to study in Sweden has trebled since 1999, and these students currently make up just over eight per cent of the student population in Sweden.

– As tuition fees are introduced, it is intended that the central government appropriations for undergraduate education will be gradually reduced.

– There will be two grant programmes.

3 thoughts on ““Competing on the Basis of Quality” – Tuition Fees in Sweden

  1. Just want 2 say dat the non EU needs it more,as many of us don’t hav enough funds. The Quality of our Education is not upto the EU who are being given free tuition.

  2. I think that the Government should look again into it, and probably make it alot cheaper than what it is looking like,if it will not allow it remain free. knowing that there are almost no job opportunity.

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