Swedish Universities and Social Media: Facebook

I’ve compared the main facebook pages of a selection of Swedish Universities – this is not supposed to be a complete list, but there are enough examples here to enable some benchmarking.  I did this as part of the research for a series of workshops on social media I’m running for staff at Malmö University (my employer).

Using November 2010 as my starting point, I counted number of posts (posts by both the page and the page friends), number of fans and also noted any special features of interest. I also checked out the level of activity on the discussion page, and the number of photographs.

The success of a Facebook page is a tricky thing to figure out but a few general conclusions can be reached from these data.

– Number of likes has no relationship with the amount of activity, on the page. Certainly in the time period looked at here, some of the pages with the most likes had the least amount of wall posts

– Attitudes to posting vary, with some pages not allowing wall posts by people who like the page

– Given that there is a national recruitment round underway , it’s a bit strange that only a few pages seem to reflect this (via bespoke tabs or related posts)

Here’s some of the data, which was collected last week.

Number of Likes

So, let’s get the ‘mine is bigger than yours’ part out of the way. Here are the top 14 university facebook pages ranked by number of likes (as of last week).

Linköping Universitet 6508
KTH (Group) 6422
Lund University 5762*
Linne Universitet 4599**
Umeå Universitet 3919
Stockholm University 3806
Umeå  University 3737
Uppsala Universitet 2812
Högskolan i Borås 2786
Chalmers University of Technology 2706
Jonköping University 2620
SLU 2501
Stockholm School of Economics 1996
Högskolan Väst 1552***
Stockholms Universitet 1107**

*I’ve added this since I originally posted, Lund University successfully were able to re-appropriate a page, and all its fans, which had been set up by someone outside the organisation – good job!
** I’ll add Linne and Stockholm Universitet’s information to the lists below soon
*** I missed this page in the original post – I will publish the entire list here also.

I did not look into who has the oldest pages or who is growing the fastest (that will be a post in a month or so!)

Who has posted the most?

Who is going wild with posting, and who is more restrained? Here are the top 11 universities ranked by number of posts made, by the page owners, from November 2011.

Uppsala Universitet 252
Högskolan I Borås 180
Stockholm University 157
Umeå Universitet 149
Royal Institute of Art 144
BTH 142
Karlstads Universitet 112
Högskolan i Halmstad 108
Malmö Högskola 87
Umeå University 85
Malmö University 85

Whose friends have posted most on their wall?

Here are the top 10 universities, ranked by the number of posts left on their wall by the people who like the page, in the last 4 months. This is not comments on posts or likes, but just new posts.

Malmö University 153
Umeå Universitet 89
Linköping Universitet 59
Högskolan i Borås 52
Lund University 43 (given that Lund managed to re-appropriate their page, this number will not be accurate now)
Lunds Universitet 41
Malmö Högskola 39
Uppsala Universitet 36
Jonköping University 30
SLU 30

What stands out here is that large numbers of likes do not correlate with increasing numbers of posts from friends. Discussions were, in almost all cases, not particularly active.  6 of the universities I looked at did not allow posts, only comments.

Who has the most pictures?

These are the top 5 universities, whose facebook pages had the most photographs.

Royal Institute of Art 296
Högskolan I Borås 256
Jonköping University 219
Högskola Dalarna 98
Lund University 94

Use of features beyond the default

Who has developed their pages past the basic set up? Umeå’s Swedish page stands out – they have  developed several additional tabs and apps. For example they have an app enabling students to take tests to help them choose their education; they also provide the opportunity for prospective students to pose questions to students studying at Umeå. Umeå are also using the page owners function, clearly showing who are the administrators of the page.

Several of the pages I looked at have installed apps enabling extra features (e.g. twitter, YouTube, contact); but many more only had the standard set of tabs. A minority have enabled Facebook places. A few universities have developed separate landing pages, for example Umeå University.

Can you action any of this? I would suggest a few things:

– Ask yourself why you have a Facebook page? Is it linked in with other campaigns you are running? Are there posts you can make, or changes to the page, which will help you reach your marketing goals? How does the content you post help people?

– Take a look at your insights data, how many people have hidden you from their wall? Maybe that’s a sign that the content you are posting is not of interest, or posted too frequently

– Taking a look at how your page is being promoted  e.g. on page SEO, use of widgets and social plugins etc

Was this useful for you? What other data would be of more interest? Whose pages have I missed? Let me know, thanks.