Monthly Review: Swedish Universities and Social Media – Facebook

My last post (which shamefully was over a month ago) compared a range of Facebook pages from Swedish higher education. I thought it would be useful to repeat the review, to see what has changed and who is growing.

Like the last post, I’ve looked at total number of likes, number of posts by friends of the page and the number of posts from the page itself. This time, however, I’ve been able to add a % change to the number of likes compared to last month’s data.  This time around I’ve dispensed with looking at discussion posts and photographs – sorry, way to tedious.

The most recent data were collected on April 29th. The previous data were collected on March 20th.

Likes – Swedish University Facebook Pages, ranked by total likes.

The percentage in brackets is the percentage increase compared to a month ago. Bold numbers emphasise increases of more than 10%.

Linköping Universitet 6786 (4%)
Lund University 6154 (425%)
Linne Universitet 4683(2%)
Umeå Universitet 4282 (9%)
Stockholm University 4056 (7%)
Umeå University 3879 (4%)
Uppsala Universitet 3002 (8%)
Högskolan I Borås 2838 (2%)
Jönköping University 2752 (5%)
SLU 2566 (3%)
Lunds Universitet 2459 (88%)
Chalmers University of Technology 2220
Stockholm school of Economics 2052 (3%)
Högskolan Väst 1622 (5%)
Högskolan i Halmstad 1586 (5%)
Karolinska Institutet 1560 (14%)
Mälardalens Högskola 1417 (12%)
Stockholms universitet 1191 (8%)
KTH 1171
Örebro Universitet 1118
Malmö University 967 (20%)
Malmö Högskola 966 (12%)
Karlstads Universitet 940 (7%)
Royal Institute of Art 889 (7%)
Uppsala University 683 (121%)
Högskola Dalarna 514 (6%)
BTH 499 (10%)
Högskolan Kristianstad 300 (41%)

So, without doubt, the biggest climber this month is Lund University. A massive 400% plus growth from 1172 fans to over 6000. Shortly after I published my last post on this subject the university managed to get ownership of a page, called Lund University, over which they had no administration rights – as a result, they inherited a large number of new friends to their own page and went from just over a 1000 friends to in excess of 6000.

Other big movers include Uppsala University, Högskolan Kristianstad, Lunds universitet, Malmö University and Karolinska Institutet.

Posts – Swedish University Facebook Pages, ranked by posts made by the page’s friends.

The posts reported here are original posts left by the page’s friends, rather than the total number of comments. This is the total number of posts, counted from November 2010.  The percentage is the change from the last reported figure, in my previous post. Bold numbers indicate increases over 50%.

Malmö University 212 (39%)
KTH 113 (1030%)
Umeå universitet 110 (24%)
Lund University 98 (127%)
Lunds Universitet 90 (120%)
Linne Universitet 89 (37%)
Linköping Universitet 84 (42%)
Högskolan i Borås 73 (40%)
Uppsala Universitet 67 (56%)
Jönköping University 55 (83%)
Malmö Högskola 54 (38%)
Mälardalans Högskola (92%)
Karlstads Universitet 42 (68%)
SLU 38 (27%)
Högskolan Dalarna 16 (60%)
Karolinska Institute 12 (100%)
BTH 12 (50%)
Högskolan Väst 10 (66%)

Now, the percentage change is not an apples and apples comparison – last month’s figures were from November ‘10 up to March ‘11. So I’m comparing 4 months worth of posting against a month. What this does mean is that significant change here suggests something is really going on at the page.  And that definitely is the case with the KTH page; a series of competitions led to an enormous increase in posts from the page’s friends in the last month.

Worth pointing out that 6 universities do not allow page friends to post, though they all allow comments to be left.

Posts – Swedish University Facebook Pages, ranked by posts made by the page

This is the amount of posts, made by the page owners, since November 2010.

Uppsala Universitet 312
Högskolan I Borås 234
Stockholm University 210
BTH 196
Umeå Universitet 188
Karlstads Universitet 160
Royal Institute of Art 144
Högskolan I Halmstad 123
KTH 119
Linne Universitet 117
Malmö Högskola 114
Malmö University 111
Umeå University 108
Lunds Universitet 97
Mälardalans Högskola 89
Linköping Universitet 89
Stockholms universitet 84
Högskolan Väst 82
SLU 77
Stockholm School of Economics 72
Uppsala University 69
Karolinksa Insitutet 67
Lund University 54
Jönköping University 53
Chalmers University of Technology 20
Högskolan Kristianstad 18
Högskolan Dalarna 17

There’s clearly a massive range in the way pages are being to used to communicate and engage, as the above numbers suggest. Next month, I’ll be able to present an exact month vs month change report for these pages, which is how I hope to continue this into the future.

Incidentally, I took a quick look and saw that almost all of these universities are advertising the presence of their Facebook pages on their home pages. What’s interesting is the variety of ways in which they are presented, some have a very clear and prominent call to action, others a more subdued approach – but that’s a blog post for another day!

If there’s data missing, or something which looks wrong, please let me know thanks.


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    • Thanks Anders, I’ll include your page shortly – exactly the kind of feedback I need. Apologies that it was missed off.

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