Swedish University Facebook Pages Review: Part 2. Comments

Ranked by the number of comments left by the page’s friends; Lund University and Malmö University’s English Facebook pages are in positions 1 and 2 compared to more than 25 Swedish universities.

Skövde’s Swedish page  occupies third place, followed by Uppsala university, Linne universitet and Borås Högskolan.

The number of comments left on the pages drops away quickly after the top 5 or so, with about half of the pages I look at attracting fewer than 50 comments from their friends during the summer.

Remember that I count ‘original’ comments by the page’s friends, rather than comments made on existing posts (I simply don’t have the time right now to do that).

At the time I collected the data, in late August, 7 university’s pages were closed – the only way to comment on their walls is by commenting on a post made by the page owners

Of the 29 pages included in this ranking, only 6 are in English (not including those which have closed walls). This month’s data has been divided into English and Swedish language pages. In all cases, comments were counted from between May 24th to August 28th.

International (English language Facebook pages)

Comments made between May 24th and August 28th:

Lund University 278
Malmö University 227
Uppsala University 155
Jönköping University 23
Mid Sweden Uni 17
University of Borås 8

(I’ve not included the pages which have their walls closed, but is this really all the English language Facebook pages from Swedish universities? Please let me know if I’ve missed yours off the list!)

Swedish Language Facebook Pages

Comments made between May 24th and August 28th:

Högskolan i skövde 197
Linne Universitet 152
Högskolan i Borås 102
Mälardalans Högskola 71
Umeå universitet 61
Linköping Universitet 57
Uppsala universitet 44
Högskolan i Halmstad 42
Lunds Universitet 41
Mittuniversitetet 38
KTH  36
Högskolan Väst 32
Malmö Högskola 30
SLU 15
Högskolan Kristianstad 9
Karlstads Universitet 9

British University Facebook Pages

Northumbria 531
Sunderland 416
Keele University 395
Sussex 330
London South Bank 300
Warwick 103
York 80
Leeds 46
Bradford 35

It’s clear that there’s something rather special taking place on some of these UK university Facebook pages. Much of the activity concerns which hall of residence the students have been allocated, which is something we do not have in Sweden. But, even with that taken into consideration, I find myself wondering – why don’t the Swedish language university Facebook pages show similar levels of engagement from their students. When you look at some of the Facebook walls, even from Swedish universitys with 1000’s of students on campus you can’t help but wonder – ‘where are the students?’

New Tabs – Showing degrees
Several Swedish universities are developing their use of tabs to show off their programmes. Here’ s how Skövde are doing it:

And here’s the same type of tab from Borås University, showing the comment function:

Borås Facebook Education Tab

This seems like quite an interesting idea – it allows visitors to the page an overview of the programmes and, if they comment on them, the opportunity for those comments to broadcast out to their network.

5 thoughts on “Swedish University Facebook Pages Review: Part 2. Comments

  1. Hi Michael – thanks for your comment. I do inlude Umeå but I only count ‘unique’ posts by page friends; your page does not enable unique posts by friends so does not appear in this particular ranking. You’ve got a ton of friends, but – right now – I simply do not have time to rank by all comments – this, of course, is the dream! Just out of interest, why are the comments switched off?

    It’s definitely interesting with the new tabs, watch this space for updates!

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