I need your help – Facebook Comment Analysis

I need your input to make a massive piece of data collection worthwhile. I want to do an analysis of comments on University pages. I’m interested in uncovering trends in commenting; for example, what kind of comments are left and what their tone is.

This data will help page administrators steer content production, but also allow benchmarking of page versus page. It’s a big undertaking. It could also help in explaining why your page exists in the first place, and how it’s being used.

Would it make sense to collect the following pieces of data:

Type of post: Is it a comment left on a post by the university, or from another page friend? Is it a new comment by a page friend?
Is the tone of the post positive, neutral or negative?
Is it a question, or a statement?
Does it link to other web content?
What type of question or statement is it? E.g. Feedback, praise, application, complaint, fees, programme specific query, spam etc etc

Let me know if this makes sense, or if you’ve got any feedback – thanks!


7 thoughts on “I need your help – Facebook Comment Analysis

  1. Just a quick thought:
    Maybe you primarily could measure

    1. Comments on posts by page owner – because page owners posts show up in newsfeeds and are the easiest ones to comment on. You don’t have to visit the page to comment. I guess this is primarily an indication of the quality/engagement level of the individual post.

    2. Posts by friends: This could be an indication of the interest in actually communicating with the page owner as you have to visit the Page to make the post.

    3. Comments on posts by friends: As posts by friends don’t show up in the newsfeed (unless you´re both friends of the same page), a comment on a post by a friend means that the person who comments has not just actively visited the page to make a post, he/she has also read through the posts.

    I think metrics regarding this could give a rather good indication of type of page and engagement level. It gives you a picture of reactive comments vs.active comments.

    When it comes to types of post I think it’s difficult to find metrics that make sense when comparing different pages. The content of posts/comments depend so much on the situation the university is in at the moment and have to be related to that. They also have to be related to the goal of the page. But it might be interesting to collect that sort of data to track changes in your own page.

    • Hi Kjell – Many thanks for that feedback, very useful. I agree that the types of comments will be related to the page’s goal, to a certain degree. However, this will still useful information for the page owner – even if you’re using Facebook to pump out news, it would be useful to know (and actionable) that most of your comments actually relate to admissions questions, for example. Once again, thanks so much for your comments – very helpful!

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