Digital Knowledge Day 2013: Don’t work in silos

First, I need to be upfront and say this is a shameless plug for a conference which Search Integration, the awesome consultancy I work for, is hosting in April.

So, with that bias declared, I can go on to say that this is not a conference to miss; especially as the theme ‘Don’t work in silos’ is still, and so, relevant in digital marketing today. This resonates with me, as I’ve been in too many projects and jobs where, despite a underlying acknowledge of the importance of the web, there is still a lack of a coordinated approach in presenting a company digitally. As my colleague Christofer Brugge writes on our blog, it can be as simple – though as critical – as colleagues not talking to each other, or not having an adequate awareness of each other’s activities. Digital Knowledge Day 2013

In a previous job I worked at a university where the system for presenting the education we offered (essentially our product) was ring-fenced by a blinding complexity of multiple databases, restricted windows of opportunity for developing content and a general disconnect with the marketing efforts of the university. This was a ‘silo’ effect – however much the website was developed the database content sat in the background driving the customer experience no matter how much it was dressed up. This effect rippled through the organisation, where the even the offline catalogue format was steered by the database as well.

With that kind of experience in mind, the line up of speakers we’ve got is particularly cool – they worked with the silo effect head on, and come up trumps. They include Tracy Green, Head of Online Services for the UK parliament (fresh from implementing a new content management system across several websites, as well as launching an award winning mobile intranet site – what’s not to like?), Olle Ahvne, Marketing Communication Manager for Ericsson (again, an award winning strategist) and Karin Zingmark, PR manager for Viasat (who has led Viasat’s explosion onto social media). We’ve put together so many awesome speakers – check them out!

(BTW, for you non-Swedes, the conference will mostly be in Swedish).

What: Digital Knowledge Day 2013

When: April 10th 2013

Where: Hotel Rival,Stockholm, Sweden

Complete your booking here!

One thought on “Digital Knowledge Day 2013: Don’t work in silos

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