14 thoughts on “Who is John Wedderburn?

  1. Hi John, I found your blog through the Tag Surfer feature on WordPress. Our blogs are similar, although mine just started a few days ago. It’s about user experience design for non-profit organizations. I’m going to add you to my blog roll.


  2. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for that – what’s your blog address?
    I think that the web usability for non-profit organisations, or public sector organisations, tends to get a bit overlooked – it will be really good to share experiences

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment – I’m glad you were able to find something useful here. I hope your masters application goes well. FYI: The current application period closes on the 15th January 2009; this is for studies beginning in Autumn 2009. The next application period will begin in December 2009 and end in January 2010, this will be for studies beginning in 2010. Note that this will be the last opportunity to apply for ‘free’ education.

  3. Hello John!

    Your blog is very interesting and helpful for the international students…also, your prompt replies.

    Keep up the good works, John!


  4. Hey John,

    Thanks for the help and the quick responses. Lund and studera has been very very slow at getting back to me but it seems like all my applications have been put in the right hands. Now I await the May 7th decision.

    I read that you have a PhD in toxicology. Do you still pursue work in that field? I am applying for the Sustainable Business Leadership program and work as an environmental consultant here in the US. That career path for me was heavily influenced when I studied at Lund Uni during my undergrad.

    Hopefully if I get in, we can meet up and discuss some environmental issues and projects.


    • Hi Stefan,
      Thanks for your comment, I really hope it all works out for you.

      The PhD was quite a long time ago now! I don’t work in that field anymore, but what I did was a lot of fun. I worked as a researcher at Plymouth Marine Laboratory; the research group’s main area was the interaction between chemicals in the environment, and emergent effects in their toxicology. The best work was at sea (looking at sea surface micro-layer toxicology) and also some stuff I did in the Black Sea region. Along the way I picked up an interest in cryo-biology, which resulted in setting up a business in the medical sector. I’ve still got a few colleagues working in the environmental field, particularly one mate who works in transboundary analysis stuff. It’s good to hear that you’re a returning alumni! If, and when, you come to Lund it would be great to meet up!

  5. Hi John,
    Need some clarity. If I apply for Masters Studies in December 2009, would I be apart of the first batch of students paying for tuition for September 2010?

  6. Hi John. What “follow” plugin are you using on the blog? I like the way it is tucked out of the way but also very obvious as the user progresses to the bottom of an article. Is it a WP plugin or part of the theme?

  7. Hi Robin, Thanks for your comment! It’s just the standard set of widgets which come with the Kubrick theme (I’m on the brink of changing it, starting to feel a little cramped).

  8. pls how do i get admission for prospective candidates wishing to study at world maritime university malmo and cost stuying iam from nigeria

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