Facebook Pages Benchmarking

Before moving into the Swedish private sector with Search Integration, I was working with Swedish universities and their digital marketing. A project I started was a benchmarking of Swedish universities, with regard to their performance on Facebook. You can see my various posts about this here.

I thought it may be useful to share a Google spreadsheet, which automatically populates with the number of likes of Swedish University Facebook pages, as well as a bunch of international ones as well. Sure, it’s a very blunt instrument but it may help, at the least, give you some sense of perspective regarding your page’s performance.

Swedish, and selected international, University Facebook Pages – Likes

While you’re here, here’s some quick pointers for totally evaluating the ass off your shiny Facebook page:

– Have a goal, or goals. I really cannot stress this enough – capture your goals into a simple document which outlines the ‘why’ of what you’re trying to achieve.

and then:

– Get familiar with the analytics tool built into Facebook
– Get familiar with your website’s analytics tool, and learn how to segment out visits from Facebook – analyse their behavior
– Figure out a way of reliably, but effectively, measuring the sentiment and purpose of the posts people leave on your wall (don’t be worried if you decide that a manual check is the only reliable way – figure out how many posts you need to sample to get a meaningful dataset)
– Survey your Facebook friends, customers and enemies about your use of Facebook

Bonus – implement, among others, Facebook like buttons on your website’s content (it’ll take your developer about 15 minutes), and also augment your google analytics tracking code to capture everything social.


– Relate all of the data from the above, back to the goals you originally set up
– Review your goals, and change/continue/self-destruct them accordingly

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