– New ‘Operational Status’ Blog – Updated 23rd Oct. now has a blog with updates about the status of It’s a mixture of Swedish and English but does contain contact information for staff.

I only took a quick look, but I did not see a link from to their blog, which seems a bit odd.

Tip of the hat to the ever awesome facebook group for this.

I notice that they don’t allow comments on their blog (which misses the point of having a blog, I think) so if there is anything you want to add about their posts, feel free to leave it here.

Finally, with my SEO hat on, it seems they have a bit of a problem with the page rank of both this blog and, which seems odd given that every university in Sweden links to them.

Updated: I recently had a great conversation with VHS/ who explained that they do not, currently, have the resources to deal with the volume of questions they receive from the their blog site, nor can they enable comments at this time. ¬†The blog is only there to report on the status of their website, As a result, I’ve taken down the link to their contact site as they cannot guarantee a response to questions about applications and admission procedure. For the time being, use the contact information available at

‘More enterprise class features added to Google’ – Google Analytics Blog

Avinash Kaushik is getting all excited about the forthcoming changes to Google Analytics. No wonder, as over on the Google Analytics blog one of the improvements they’ve revealed is the opportunity for advanced segmentation. If you take a look at the video you can see just how cool this could be.

Google say that this should show up in the next few weeks on our GA accounts. I can’t wait to start to find out if this really delivers what Google says it can.

Updated…here’s a few more links about this, including the absolute gem that the new segmentation tool ca be applied retroactively, on historical data.

Luna Metrics Blog – Discussion about segments vs filters…

Analytics Talk – emphasis on the retroactive functionality…

Techcrunch Рall the new features 

Differentiate or Die – Brian Niles says it how it is.

Brian Niles has a real pithy article on his blog about the affect of the financial crisis on student recruitment at American Universities. Here’s a typically punchy quote which will give you a taste of the article:

“higher education is one of the most inefficiently run industries in the US”

He goes on to list what universities need to do to improve; this includes the need for differentiation, focus and leadership. If you know me, you can probably already guess where I’m going with this; not only do we need to consider the effect of the financial crisis on recruitment but we can also look at his suggestions in light of the impending announcement on fees in Sweden.