Students Applying in 2010 Will Probably Pay Fees: New Information From The Swedish Authorities

The Swedish authority for  Universities (VHS) is investigating how to introduce application and tuition fees for Non EU students. It looks like students applying in 2010 will pay an application fee, and full fees will be introduced in 2011. The current information in Swedish says  that tuition fees will be introduced for those students starting their education in the Autumn 2011. Thus, apply in 2010, you will be paying fees in 2011 – though we must wait for the governments investigation , results on the 15th September.

Malmö university has more on this here:—Autumn-Term-2010/

The governments decision can be read here (in Swedish):

The Swedish Government will vote on tuition fees for International Students on the 17th March 2009.

Updated: February 4th 2009, once again the government delays the vote and fees look to be pushed back until 2011.

The most recent information from  the Swedish Government says that the vote on the proposal for the internationalisation of higher education, which includes tuition fees for non-EU students, will take place on March 17th 2009.

Here’s the link to the pdf which has this information, it’s a list of all the stuff the government intends to vote on and is, unfortunately, only in Swedish. It’s number 102, page 8.