Swedish Tuition Fees Press Release From the Swedish Ministry of Education

Here’s the press release, about tuition fees in Sweden for non-Eu students,¬†from the Swedish Ministry of Education – it was released on the 23rd June.


Tuition Fees in Sweden from 2010 – Would you still study in Sweden?

The 80 000 Crown question is would you still study in Sweden when our universities start charging fees? The Local has a lively thread about this and there are some thought provoking comments.

The Local also has a more general discussion about fees.

The Local also reported a few days ago that the Association of Swedish Higher Education recently suggested that Swedish universities reject all applications from non EU students. Wow, that’s a remarkable statement to make. The Local also says that this has been strenuously criticised by Sweden’s Higher Education Agency who counter by saying that such an action would probably be illegal. This was news from a while ago, as far as I can see, and was apparently a knee jerk reaction to the difficulties in administrating a growing number of applications.

Andrei Neculau has a provocative discussion about fees on his blog.

Swedish Universities Plan to Charge Tuition Fees – China View. It’s not surprising that a Chinese news site should pick this up, given the large number of Chinese students we get. I assume if it turns up in English on this site then it’s also been covered in Chinese.

Sweden Ending no-Tuition Policy – UPI (I guess they missed out the word ‘fees’ there…)

Update June 2010 – Check out the latest news regarding fees here.